The predecessor of our department was the Physics program in the department of physics and chemistry, National Taiwan Normal College, founded in 1946. We branched out in 1962, established physics master program in 1974 and Ph.D. program in 1991. For a long time, it has been our duty to train secondary school physics teachers in Taiwan, while we were not forgetting to pursue innovation and improvement in the research. To date, we have produced an Academician of Academia Sinica and close to a hundred of researchers of Academia Sinica and professors of universities. Not to mention, we have also produced many of the high-tech specialists in all kinds of industry. After the secondary school teacher nurture law was amended in 1994, on the basis of what we have and with all our efforts, we have been promoting ourselves into an outstanding department emphasizing both basic research and applied science.

The focus of this department’s research includes: condensed-matter physics, surface science and nanotechnology, high-energy physics and string theory, biophysics and soft-matter physics, atomic, molecular, and optical physics, and science education. We have over thirty full-time professors and several part-time and adjunct professors. Our faculty members have hold about thirty research projects from National Science Council annually, and total grant funds are over forty million NT per year. Our research results are marvelous, publishing about 70 articles on the renowned SCI journals each year. In addition to basic researches, we have also promoted online education and digital science research to bolster the science education and learning systems.

In response to the changing times and the different needs and career plans of students, this department is constantly making adjustments to our courses. In addition to the upgrades in the core physics courses and secondary school teacher training program, we are emphasizing the career counseling and professional skills, adding more applied science courses such as the Electro-Optical program to foster semiconductor, modern optics, and photonics science and technology professionals. To enhance the research manpower and also help nurture academic and high-tech experts in Taiwan, through the pre-master degree program and the direct Ph.D. program, undergraduate students in this department have the opportunity to obtain the master degree in five years and the Ph.D. in seven years.


  • Compulsory Subject (Credits)

    • General Physics (4/4)
    • General Physics Experiments (1/1)
    • General Chemistry (4/4)
    • General Chemistry (1/1)
    • Calculus(3/3)
    • Applications of Computer in Physics1 (2)
  • Optional Subject (Credits)
    • Applications of Computer in Physics(二)(2)
  • Compulsory Subject (Credits)
    • Mechanics (3/3)
    • General Physics Experiments (1/1)
    • General Chemistry (4/4)
  • 物理相關選修科目
    • 實驗物理技術(一)(二)(3/3)
    • 物理發展史(2)
    • 書報討論(1)
    • 基本粒子與天文理概論(3)
    • 光電工程導論(3)
    • 光電技術(3)
  • 教育學程選修科目
    • 普通生物學(3)
    • 普通生物學實驗(1)
    • 地球科學概論含實習(4)
  • 專業必修科目
近代物理學(一) (3)
近代物理學(二) (3)
  • 物理相關選修科目
    • 光學(3)
    • 實驗物理四(3)
    • 電子學(一)(二)(3/3)
    • 電子學實驗(一)(二)(1/1)
    • 計算物理(一)(二)(3/3)
    • 熱力統計(3)
    • 流體力學(3)
    • 量子資訊導論 (一) (二)(3/3)
    • 研究實習(2)
    • 近代物理發展與應用導讀(一)(二)(1/1)
    • 光電半導體(3)
    • 半導體製程技術(3)
  • 物理相關選修科目
    • 基礎量子力學(一)(二)(3/3)
    • 基本粒子導論(一)(二)(3/3)
    • 光電物理導論(3)
    • 固態光譜學導論(一)(二)(3/3)
    • 相對論導論(3)
    • 宇宙學導論(3)
    • 奈米科學暨表面物理專題(一)(二)(3/3)
    • 宇宙論、弦論與粒子物理專題(一)(二)(3/3)
  • 教育學程選修科目
    • 物理教材教法(3)
    • 物理教學實習(一) (2)
    • 物理教學實習(二) (2)
    • 生活科技概論(3)
  • 物理相關選修科目
    • 表面物理導論(一)(二) (3/3)
    • 生物物理(一)-導論(3)
    • 生物物理(二)-結構生物物理學(3)
    • 半導體物理導論(一)(二) (3/3)
    • 固態物理導論(一)(二)(3/3)
    • 應用光學(3)
    • 軟材料物理與應用)(二)(3/3)
    • 科技與文化創意(3)
    • 科學計算(3)
    • 新穎奈米材料導論(3)
    • 實驗物理數據擷取與分析技術(3)
    • 海外實習(2)
    • 企業實習(2)
    • 新興材料與光電元件()(二)(3/3)
    • 光電科技4.0(1)


National Taiwan Normal University ( Gongguan Campus )

Address:Department of Physics, 88, Sec.4, Ting-Chou Rd., Taipei 116, Taiwan

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