112-1 Boson Club 阮善明(YITP, Japan)-1121121

Time:1121121 (Tue.) 12:00~14:00
Speaker:阮善明(Shan-Ming Ruan) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University, Japan
Title:Double Holography of Entangled Universes
Abstract:Recent advances have facilitated a greater comprehension of the black hole information paradox. A formula referred to as the “island formula” has been discovered for computing the fine-grained entropy of Hawking radiation. Double holography, which entails the dual application of holography, has resulted in encouraging advances toward embodying the ER=EPR concept and understanding the island formula in higher dimensional spacetime. Instead of black hole evaporation, I will focus on the formation of black holes via double holography of entangled universes in this talk. The perspective at the boundary shows two entangled defect CFTs, both at a finite temperature. With the thermalization of the bath region, the holographic braneworld presents the process of gravitational collapse and eventually forms a black hole. This talk is based on the forthcoming paper with Rob Myers and Tomonori Ugajin.
Place:F104, Gongguan Campus, NTNU
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