112-1 Boson Club Neill Lambert(Riken, Japan)-1121204

Time:1121204 (Mon.) 11:00~12:00
Speaker:Neill Lambert Senior Research Scientist, Theoretical Quantum Physics Laboratory, Riken, Japan
Title:Pseudomodes: from modelling quantum environments to simulated dissipative state engineering
Abstract:Pseudomodes are a convenient method of describing bosonic and fermionic non-Markovian and non-perturbative environments. When the modes themselves are allowed to have unphysical properties they are as formally exact as the well-known hierarchy equations of motion method, but conceptually simpler.  I will give a brief overview and example, and argue that they are also useful in the Markovian regime as an ansatz for performing ancilla-based dissipative state engineering and quantum simulation.
Place:F102, Gongguan Campus, NTNU
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