111-1 SEMINAR 蘇清源(中央機械)-1111123

Time:1111123 (Wed.) 14:20~16:20
Speaker:Prof.蘇清源(Ching-Yuan Su) 國立中央大學機械工程學系/Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Central University
Title:Synthesis and integration of 2D materials for advanced nanoelectronics
Abstract:In this talk, the first part, I will introduce the study of in-situ treatment and selective functionalization of 2D layered materials, where the selective functionalization and passivation not only enhanced device stability but also highly improve the electrical properties of a 2D field-effect transistor (FET). Also, the selective growth of 2D directly on an insulating substrate with a lower thermal budget is crucial for BEOL integration of future electronics, here I will introduce our current progress on this topic. In the second part, I will introduce the efficient and reliable method for the transferring of graphene and other 2D materials with higher integrity and ultraclean surface, which is beneficial for the following device integration.
Place:S101, Gongguan Campus, NTNU
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