111-1 SEMINAR 江瑛貴(清華物理)-1111109

Time:1111109 (Wed.) 14:20~16:20
Speaker 1:Prof.江瑛貴(Ing-Guey Jiang) 國立清華大學物理學系/Department of physics, National Tsing Hua University Title:From Detecting to Characterizing Extra-Solar Planets
Abstract:The mystery that whether extra-solar planets (exoplanets) exist was resolved around 1990s. A tremendous effort through both ground-based and space telescopes has led to more than 5000 confirmed exoplanets. The continuous flow of new exoplanet detections, the diversity of exoplanets, the observations of exoplanet atmospheres, and the configurations of multi-planet systems have triggered even more international projects on both detecting and characterizing exoplanets. I will give a brief review on this subject and also introduce the on-going effort and results from my group.  
Place:S101, Gongguan Campus, NTNU
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