110-1 SEMINAR 賈至達(台師大物理)-1110112

Time:1110112 (Wed.) 14:20~16:20

Speaker:Prof. 賈至達(Chih-Ta Chia)

國立臺灣師範大學物理學系/Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University

Title:Fun with the Physics


We will prepare a physics show to remember the fun of learning physics and celebrate the coming Holidays of the Lunar New Year. One could find a few science shows held a few days before Christmas. These shows were entertaining and inspiring, and they created a joyful environment that made the students and faculty members a friendly family in learning physics together.

In this talk (it is not a formal talk, strictly speaking), we will try to have a few demonstrations, such as oscillation-related motions, smoke rings, and a few other physics challenges! If you can answer questions and overcome those challenges, you will be rewarded.

Place:B101, Gongquan Campuses, NTNU

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