110-1 SEMINAR 謝明修(鴻海研究院)-1101110

Time:1101110 (Wed.) 14:20~16:20

Speaker:Prof. 謝明修(HSIEH, Min-Hsiu)

鴻海研究院量子計算研究所/Quantum computing Research Center, Hon Hai Research Institute

Title:Challenge and Opportunity of Quantum Machine Learning

Abstract:Quantum neural networks (QNNs) have been broadly used in various works with different levels of claimed benefits. One of my research interests in quantum machine learning is to understand the power of QNNs. In this talk, I will first compare the expressive power of QNNs with Boltzmann machines. Next, I will provide our results on the learnability of QNNs in terms of its trainability and generalization. Finally, I will provide a few applications of QNNs on machine learning tasks and ground state approximations.

Place:B101, Gongquan Campuses, NTNU

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