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FacilityScanning Tunneling Miscroscopy(STM)

Scanning Tunneling Miscroscopy(STM) is one kind to apply to
" grow up open and upright and brilliantly ", " surface atom trends " ,
" handle by monoatomic / single molecule " ,
" nano structure study " field might quite strong tool.
In our laboratory , we use the advantage of STM to observe the atoms or particle behaviors of the metal and semiconductor under nano-yardstick.

二、Experiment principle:
(Ⅰ) Quantum Tunneling theory
(Ⅱ) Local Density of tate; LDOS: Main reason why STM can go to survey the surface .....structure .
(Ⅲ) The method of getting pictures divided into three kinds :
...(1)Constant-current mode
...(2)Constant-height mode
...(3)Current imaging tunneling spectroscopy(CITS)
(Ⅳ) Effects on sample surface and experimental result of the pressure
(Ⅴ) Make use of signal of AES to calculate the membrane of paved layers

Field ion Microscope (FIM)

1. Introduction
In the superficial technology, the field ion Microscope (FIM) is
the first one which has an atomic analysisMicrography.
By the incisive sample to achieve big electric field,
which enable the imagery gas to drift away to appear
the real spatial atomic image on the fluorescent screen,
and has the following merits;
(1)We use the low temperature field evaporate processes to obtain a clean,
close perfect sample surface. Otherwise, the advantage of using
the technology of evaporates may penetrate the sample interior
so that we can survey crystal structure and the flaw of the crystal lattice.
(2)In the identical sample surface,
field ion image simultaneously has different atomic platform,
which may supply to research.
(3)Regulable atomic platform size and steaming atomic numbers
enable us to clearly observe the movement of the adsorbate atoms
and nearby the stair boundary effect.
(4)Because the sample temperature is easy to control,
we can make the quota measurements to
the activation potential barricade of the diffused movement of the adatoms.
(5)In some specific examples, FIM has the function to analysis the element,
like time-of-flight the voltage of heterogeneous atomic field evaporates, and so on.
In the experiment of ultra thin film growing in the metal surface,
the Favorable use ion microscope,
we can not only record ion images layer by layer to describe
the thin film growth structure but also do independently records to
the different atomic process measurements,
and obtain the energy of individual atomic process,
which enable us to establish the correct growth model.

2.Experiment principle
(1)The principle of field ionization
(2)The principle of Field evaporation and field adsorption

(1)The principle of field ionization:
Needle-tip surface. When the superficial electric field achieves approximately several V/A, the superficial prominent atom can adsorb imagery gases, and other imagery gases keep movement
in the surface jump.
When a imagery gas falls the ionized disc,it possibly loses an electron to become a ion.

(2)The principle of Field evaporation and field adsorption:

When the field ionization occurs,
the relative position and the energy relations of the imagery gas
and the metal surface is that the electronic energy
must higher than the Fermi energy of the metal.
If the electronic energy is equal to a Fermi energy,
the distance between imagery gas and the metal surface is
the critical distance .
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