Compulsory Subject (Credits)
    Optional Subject (Credits)
    Compulsory and optional subjects for Teacher Training Program (Credits)
    General Physics (4/4)
    General Physics Experiments (1/1)
    General Chemistry (4/4)
    General Chemistry (1/1)
    Applications of Computer in Physics1 (2)
    Applications of Computer in Physics II (2)
    Second grade
    Compulsory Subject  (Credits)
    Optional Subject (Credits)
    Compulsory and optional subjects for Teacher Training Program (Credits)
    Mechanics (3/3)
    Thermal Physics (3)
    Electromagnetism  1 (3)
    Experimental Physics 1 (3)
    Mathematical Method in Physics1, 2 (3/3)
    Electric Circuit 1, 2 (3/3)
    Experimental Electric Circuit 1, 2 (1/1)
    Techniques for Experimental Physics 1,2 (3/3)
    Phyiscs History (2)
    Introduction to Electric-Optics Engineering (3)
    Photovoaic Technology (3)
    General Biology(3)
    General Biology Experiment(1)
     Earth Science (include intern)(4)
    Third Grade
    Compulsory Subject (Credits)
    Optional Subject (Credits)
    Compulsory and optional subjectsfor Teacher Training Program (Credits)
    Electromagnetism 2 (3)
    Optics (3)
    Modern Physics (4/4)
    Experimental Physics 2 (3)
    Experimental Physics 3 (3)
    Mathematical Method in Physics 3, 4 (3/3)
    Comuptational Physics 1, 2 (3/3)
    Themal and Statistical Physics(3)
    Fluid dynamics (3)
    Special Relativity (3)
    Acoustics (3)
    Flat Panel DisplayTechnology (2)
    Laser Physics (3)
    Scientific Education(2)

    Forth Grade
    Compulsory Subject
    Optional Subject
    Compulsory and optional subjects for Teacher Training Program (Credits)
    Quantum Physics I&II(3/3)
    Electronics I&II (3/3)
    Electronic Experiments I&II (1/1)
    Solid Physics I&II (3/3)
    Partical PhysicsI&II (3/3)
    Astrophysics I&II (3/3)
    Statistical Mathematics I&II (3/3)
    Polymer Physics I&II (3/3)
    Nuclear Physics I&II (3/3)
    Applied Optics (3)
    Optoelectric Physics (3)
    Solid State NMR Spectroscopy I&II (3/3)
    Teaching Method & Materia (3)
    Teaching intern (2)
    Research of teaching method & materia (2)
    Ecaluation of teaching physics (2)
    Teaching media(2)
    Teaching resource (2)
    Introduction of Living Technology (3)
    Subjects for undergraduate students and master students
    Compulsory Subject
    Optional Subject
    Optional subjects for Teaching Training Program (Credits)
    Surface Science  I&II (3/3)
    Nanotechnology and Education I&II (3/3)
    Circulation Mechanism and Chinese madicine  I&II(3/3)
    Biophysics I-Theory(3)
    Biophysics II-Structural Biophysics(3)
    Semiconductor I&II (3/3)
    1. The Teaching Training Program Starts from Sophomore Year (Enrollment Requirement : Above 70 pts in average for freshman grades)
    2. Total Required Credits is 26 (Basic courses: 4 credits,Courses related to Methods of Teaching: 4 credits,Intern:  6 credits,Courses of Professional:12 credits
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    The predecessor of our department was the Physics program in the department of physics and chemistry, National Taiwan Normal College, founded in 1946. We branched out in 1962, established physics master program in 1974 and Ph.D. program in 1991. For a long time, it has been our duty to train secondary school physics teachers in Taiwan, while we were not forgetting to pursue innovation and improvement in the research. To date, we have produced an Academician of Academia Sinica and close to a hundred of researchers of Academia Sinica and professors of universities. Not to mention, we have also produced many of the high-tech specialists in all kinds of industry. After the secondary school teacher nurturelaw was amended in 1994, on the basis of what we have and with all our efforts, we have been promoting ourselves into an outstanding department emphasizing both basic research and applied science.


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